Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Construction in Denver, CO

A Perfect Landscape has vast experience retaining wall construction.

Retaining Walls and Free Standing Walls – the following is a general sequence for the installation of a Concrete Segmented Wall Block System

· Excavate base trench approximately 10” deep by 18” wide and compact soil surface with a plate compactor or jumping jack compactor
· Install 6” of compacted class 6 Road Base
· Install first course, level, being about 4 to 6” buried – step first course to accommodate grade changes (if applicable)
· Install drain tile behind wall to exit at both ends (if applicable)
· Backfill first course with wall rock and compact
· Install Geogrid reinforcement (if applicable) on top of the first course
· Continue staking blocks, backfilling and installing geogrid to the desired height
· Install cap, cut on curves (no gaps) and glue to complete

Cinder Block Walls – used for both Raised Garden Plots and Freestanding Walls like Courtyard Walls

· Excavate for footing, compact soil, form and pour 4 to 6” concrete footing
· Install rebar in concrete vertically for wall re enforcement
· Garden Plots typically do not have concrete footings
· Build wall using Cinder Block and mortar to desired height
· Install cut flagstone cap on top of wall with mortar to level
· Install finish desired: Stucco, Cultured Stone, Brick Veneer, Stone, etc.
· Fill Garden Plots with a Bio Compost

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