3 Signs That it’s Time to Invest in a New Sprinkler System With A Perfect Landscape

Marc LeDue

Owner of A Perfect Landscape

As a homeowner, having a fully functioning sprinkler system is beyond important. A sprinkler system can help to maintain your lawn and keep your landscaping looking its best! Here at A Perfect Landscape, we strive to ensure that your outdoor spaces are constantly displaying the beauty of your home through happy and healthy grass. There can be a wide variety issues with your sprinkler system that are either obvious or commonly undetected. If you’re having any issues with your existing sprinkler system, or if it’s been a few years since you’ve had one installed, here are 3 signs that it’s time for an upgrade:

Your Sprinkler System Isn’t Watering Your Lawn Evenly

One of the most common signs that your sprinkler system needs to be replaced is if you’re noticing that it’s not watering your lawn evenly. This could mean that some areas are getting too much water while others aren’t receiving enough. Poor coverage can lead to brown patches and dry spots in your grass, which make it look unhealthy and unkempt. By investing in a new sprinkler system with our team, you can rest assured that your lawn will get the perfect amount of water to keep it looking beautiful and lush.

There Are Low Water Pressure Issues

Another indication that it’s time for a new sprinkler system is low water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by several different factors, and it can lead to poor sprinkler performance. If your water pressure is low, the heads won’t be able to reach the corners of your lawn and you won’t be able to get an even distribution of water. Investing in a new system with higher-powered nozzle heads will ensure that your lawn is always getting the perfect amount of water.

Your Sprinkler System is Old and Outdated

Lastly, if your sprinkler system is beginning to show its age, it might be time for an upgrade. Older systems may not have the modern features that newer ones do. Many new systems are equipped with digital timers and built-in weather sensors which can help you save money by conserving water. Investing in a new sprinkler system is an investment that will help to maintain your yard and save you money over time.

At A Perfect Landscape, we understand how important it is to have a well-functioning and efficient sprinkler system for your lawn. If you’re in need of a new system, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help keep your landscape looking its best!