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Spring Is Here And It’s Time To Fertilize Your Lawn!

For those who love Spring, the past couple of weeks have been a great time to be outside! Trees are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and the sun is shining bright! As a homeowner, the beginning of Spring is the best time to fertilize your lawn. This is due to a variety of reasons, which we will cover in this blog! As a landscape company that specializes in landscape

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How Can Xeriscaping Contribute to Soil Improvement?

Here at A Perfect Landscape, we heavily suggest to all of our clients and the homeowners of Colorado to make a switch to Xeriscaping! As discussed in some of our previous blogs, Xeriscaping is  a landscaping method that aims to conserve water through the use of drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation systems. However, aside from its environmental benefits, Xeriscaping can also significantly contribute to soil improvement! In this blog, we

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New APL Landscape Design Projects To Target As The Weather Begins To Warm Up

Homeowners all over Colorado are starting to feel the warm weather come back as we slowly enter the spring! One of the best things about warm weather is that homeowners can start to utilize their outdoor spaces more than they did over the freezing months of winter. Here at A Perfect Landscape, we offer a wide variety of landscape design services that you can start to think about investing in

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3 Reasons Why It’s Best To Xeriscape in Colorado

In our last blog, we reviewed some of the basics behind Xeriscaping and why it can make a difference for your property as a homeowner. Here at A Perfect Landscape, we service numerous Colorado homeowners in a wide variety of services, including industry leading Xeriscaping! As a Colorado resident, you should put some thought into investing in Xeriscaping because it can make the difference in Colorado for years to come.

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How Can Xeriscaping Make a Difference For Your Outdoor Spaces?

For many homeowners, Xeriscaping may be an unfamiliar concept or something that they have never heard before! Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that focuses on creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces while using minimal water. Xeriscaping involves using native plants, which are naturally adapted to their environment and require less water compared to non-native species. This reduces the need for constant watering and helps conserve water, making it an

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3 Ways A New Retaining Wall Project Can Protect Your Property

Out of the numerous landscape design projects we provide here at A Perfect Landscape, our retaining wall installation projects serve as our most functional and practical service for your home and property. Retaining walls may not be the most glamorous feature to add to your property, but they certainly can make the biggest difference in adding structural integrity to your outdoor spaces! You can avoid gradual decay or destruction of

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