Landscaping in the Fall and Winter - Denver

Many of A Perfect Landscape’s Denver-area clients don’t think much about landscaping in the fall and winter. There is a common assumption that many Denver landscapers take a break in the landscaping off-season when the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. A Perfect Landscape’s dedicated local landscapers are committed to going the extra mile when it comes to providing comprehensive landscaping services all year long, so you can achieve your landscaping design and installation vision any time of year, throughout all four seasons, when it’s most convenient for you and your Denver family. Many Denver-area residents concentrate on landscaping projects solely in the spring and summer because that’s generally the time everyone likes to be outside, enjoying their outdoor living spaces. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could truly enjoy your FINISHED landscaping project in the warmer months? That’s why A Perfect Landscape’s landscape design and installation teams work tirelessly to provide year-round landscaping ideas that can be achieved even if the weather outside is frightful! services!

Fall Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping in the fall is often overlooked as one of the prime times for planting trees and bulbs. Our garden landscaping teams can help you with fall landscaping projects such as planting your bulb plants properly as well as planting your trees so that way, they are beautifully blooming and firmly rooted by the time spring rolls around! [Click here for a free copy of our Ebook: Landscaping through All Four Seasons]

Winter Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping in the winter is an ideal time for installing “hard” structures (also known as hardscaping projects), such as patios, pergolas, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and more. Although winter is obviously not ideal for some plantings or garden landscaping, installing hardscapes, such as patio pavers, stone or brick is very feasible. Fire pit installation is also quite popular in the winter, allowing you and your Denver family to enjoy outdoor entertaining, even in the colder months, as you’re surrounded by the warmth of a fire. [Click here for a free copy of our Ebook: Landscaping through All Four Seasons]

Holiday Lighting Services

Holiday lighting is another unique winter landscaping service that A Perfect Landscape offers. Avoid the risk of injury, the hassle of untangling lights, and the hours out in the cold, by hiring our outdoor lighting professionals! Click here for more info on our holiday lighting services.

Pre-Planning Your Landscape Designs

In the fall and winter months, one of the most common services we like to provide our clients is the opportunity for our landscape designers to have a one-on-one design consultation and planning session for landscaping ideas for the upcoming months. Many Denver residents enjoy the prospect of having an idea of what they need to budget and accommodate for in the upcoming year. That means in the fall and winter, as the year comes to a close, you could have all your landscaping needs planned, budgeted, and ready to go! The more time you allow our landscaping contractors to prepare, the faster the project can be completed in the spring and summer months. Click here for more info on our landscape design process and services.

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