Sprinkler System Installation in Denver, CO

A Perfect Landscape is one of the Denver, CO area’s most experienced local sprinkler system installation and irrigation system design contractors. Our landscaping and irrigation system teams are trusted experts in residential sprinkler system installation. We can provide the services you need for a basic sprinkler system install to a large-scale irrigation system installation. 

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A Modernized Approach to Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

A Perfect Landscape’s sprinkler and irrigation specialists carry a full line of innovative irrigation supplies and types of sprinkler heads to ensure your entire lawn and garden is getting adequate irrigation with minimal water waste. With our eco-friendly sprinklers, we can save you money as well as do our part for the environment. 

As local landscaping contractors, we understand the Denver area weather can be unpredictable. Periods of drought and reduced watering times make it imperative that your irrigation system run properly. We ensure your sprinkler system is installed strategically, so there are no spots missed and your entire lawn and garden is evenly watered with minimal energy emissions or water waste.

Our sprinkler system installation teams stay up-to-date on cutting-edge sprinkler system technology to make your unique sprinkler system design the most energy-efficient and cost-effective irrigation system available. Our “green” energy efficient approach to sprinkler system installation has built our reputation among our Denver area clients as a local landscaping company who cares about our clients and the world at-large. 

Wi-Fi, ET (Evapotranspiration), Smart Controllers, Sensors, Remotes & Automatic Fertilizers

A Perfect Landscape works hard to keep up with the latest water-wise and water saving technology for your sprinkler system. We can offer conventional controllers to Wi-Fi controllers with remotes, rain sensors and automatic programming features. Automatic fertilization systems can be installed to feed your entire landscape investment and to help with critter control.

What Type of Sprinkler Head Should I Use?

Our irrigation system professionals will customize your sprinkler system and place sprinklers strategically to properly water and maintain your unique landscape. We offer nearly every type of sprinkler head option available, and are happy to provide our knowledge in choosing the best, most affordable sprinkler system design for you. 

The type of sprinkler system you need is determined by several factors, including the sprinkler radius, trajectory, flow rate, and sprinkler patterns. When it comes to choosing sprinkler heads and creating a sprinkler system design, trust the friendly professionals at A Perfect Landscape to do the research and engineering necessary to ensure your lawn and garden is watered precisely and efficiently so your Denver landscape stays lush, green, and vibrant.

A Perfect Landscape is committed to helping you maintain your Denver landscaping through friendly customer service and affordable sprinkler system installation. Contact us at (720) 851-3034 to learn more about our irrigation and sprinkler system installation services.